Operation Decisive Victory’s Peer Assisted Transition and Healing (PATH) is a support group without the conventional support group design. PATH provides Veterans, First Responders and their families an opportunity to connect and establish rapport with their peers within the community.  The primary goal of these sessions is to bring individuals coping with significant emotional or traumatic events, together to establish a communal support for transition and healing. 


PATH is an integral part of ODV’s mission to ensure our veterans and first responders find a new norm in family and society, focusing on a wholistic approach to healing with emphasis on physical, emotional and social stability. This program is an extension of our commitment to improving and preserving the quality of life for our men and women in uniform.  


The open-meeting format allow discussions in a safe, free, and comfortable environment to encourage the sharing of lessons learned, best practices and pain points of dealing with life’s situations. The frequency of these meetings will be determined by the facilitator upon discussion with attendees. The purpose of these meetings is to develop a sense of community so no one family is struggling or coping with their internal battles alone. 


PATH strives to be the small victory needed to continue forward in hope. 

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