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The Back Story:

The Parameswar family moved to North Carolina in search of healing for Tintu who has PTSD and TBI amongst other invisible combat injuries.  This family was on a path to recovery, having bought a home on 10 acres in a private community. They took pride in being the model family for the VA, using all resources and treatment available to ensure a smooth transition back into society. Everything was good until it wasn’t.  In 2017, one individual’s discriminatory actions against Tintu’s disabilities and the family led them down a path of emotional trauma, worsening of physical injuries and financial hardship. 

Out of desperation, they reached out to various reputed veteran organizations Tintu was a member of for assistance only to be turned away. They weren’t asking for financial assistance, but for guidance and hope.  Yet their struggle wasn’t high profile enough for the civil rights associations, worthy enough for the private veteran services organizations, political enough for influencers and local government or exciting enough for the media.  As doors closed on them, they realized the bureaucracy of government institutions and the limitations of the private organizations alienated veteran families that didn’t meet the eligibility requirements. This family’s quality of life was impacted yet the system that claimed to protect and preserve the veteran population did nothing. 


Tintu and Dona realized the legal system and society, as a whole, was not ready for transitioning veterans. The stigma about PTSD was real, the system was broken, resources were limited, and combat veterans are misunderstood yet held to unfair standards designed for the average civilian.  This family has made it their personal mission to be the support system for members of the veteran community regardless of service experience or intensity of struggles. They do not want another family to hurt the way they have and still are. 


Decisive Victory:

Every step of their journey there was one incident or decision that changed the direction of the outcome. Despite the physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion, these small, yet conclusive, victories provided hope to persevere through the storms of life.


Operation Decisive Victory was founded to be that sense of hope for members of the veteran and first responder communities. Many times the ‘war at home’ is fought alone because civilians simply do not understand. This organization strives to work with government and private institutions alike to ensure the services provided for our military members are continuous and seamless for the individuals or families impacted. 

Our Mission

ADVOCATE for a veteran’s right to comfort, healing and growth without prejudice.

EDUCATE governing officials and local leaders to ensure they are equipped to provide adequate support for our growing veteran communities.

EMPOWER families to conquer their personal struggles and improve their quality of life

Our Vision

To provide veterans with a holistic approach to recuperate physically, recover mentally, heal emotionally and reintegrate socially.


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