Michael Mason’s Vision for ODV

Mr. Mason quickly recognized that ODV’s mission to bridge the gap in services offered to the veteran community was both bold and unique. The wholistic approach to restore the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey of an individual was one that he appreciated based on his own expertise in martial arts and business. He felt his role as Director and Treasurer on the Board was to provide ODV a platform where excellence was achieved not only in accomplishing our own mission, but also to hold other organizations accountable to their respective mission statements.

Mr. Mason shared his vision and passion for ODV with influencers across the nation. He worked hard to spread the word about this new and young organization, raise awareness of the plight our veterans face not addressed by the media, and mobilize fundraising ventures. He envisioned an ODV that collaborates with private and public entities to effectively eliminate the underlying causes that prohibits a successful transition of our service-members back into society. 

Michael Mason’s vision of ODV is to recognize individuals and institutions that work in harmony to uphold this nation’s commitment to its men and women in uniform. Donations to The Michael Mason Memorial Fund will be used to continue his dream for ODV as a service organization that does not put restrictions on how a veteran family is assisted during their time of need.

A Note from #TeamODV

Mr. Mason’s staunch support of ODV’s mission was evident in his interactions with the team. He constantly encouraged us to not get tangled in the ‘red tape’ that hindered progress, and reminded us we were the ‘decisive victory’ a family needed to continue on their journey with hope. He was exceptionally proud of the creative geniuses and the visionaries behind the brand. Our weekly meetings with him were filled with new ideas he had to market and raise funds for the cause. In true Mason fashion, these conversations also included stories from his consulting and martial arts days that highlighted lessons on overcoming obstacles in life. We will truly miss his love for the team, his commitment to the veteran community and his dream for an influential ODV.


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